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Delta Air Lines
Pergunta feita para Senior Manager, Corporate Communications...5 de setembro de 2012

One of my interviews in 1997 consisted of an hour long questions/discussions on Forecasting techniques, Operations Research, and Statistics.

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I found it beneficial

Maxeon Solar Technologies

The company was approaching the split, so I was asked about my ideas on the communications before, during and after the spin-off. Then I was asked about my experience with solar and PV press system globally. I also got some more general questions about problem solving, team management, time management.

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The spin off related communication was the core of my assignment, so I prepare a comms plan, including social and press releases. Menos


Many questions very well related to the role and to my experience as a comms professional

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I was very well prepared, so the interview was a good conversation for both sides Menos


Focus on media relations expertise

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Talked about importance of understanding audience and creating a relevant tailored story to meet the journalists needs Menos


Did you bother reading the job ad?

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Yes, I did.


Tell me about your approach with dealing with negative news story that our company doesn’t want to be a part of.

Aurora Cannabis

From your past experience, whose leadership style do you admire the most and why?


What makes you better than other candidates?


Give an example of a challenge you have faced in your current position and how you overcame it.

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