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Pergunta feita para Senior Marketing Communications Manager...3 de março de 2014

Half of the interviewers were technical/engineers, e.g. BDA and had no idea what the marketing role required.

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Explained the difference between marketing and communications

HEI Hotels & Resorts

What is your ideal salary?

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Important. They want a real range or number. Will not move forward

HEI Hotels & Resorts

Are you okay with duties outside of your title duties? We all jump in whenever needed.

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Yes. Be a team player.

Events DC

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

CoStar Group

How do you feel about working in-office five days a week?


Most unexpected is email communication only with no human interaction.


Your background is impressive- why were you given the opportunity to do these important roles so young and not someone else? Explain your background and take us through your resume.


What qualities do you value in people


Tell me about a time you improved a process. Tell me about a time you made a mistake, what did you learn from it?


How did you measure your past work in brand awareness, PR, and events?

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