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Pergunta feita para Senior Product Manager, Social Media Advertising...26 de junho de 2012

Tell me how you would scale a social media software platform?

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Try to define "scale", ask for clarifications. Are we trying to scale to more users or to more ad providers? Are there any current bottlenecks? What is the goal here? How about we improve the experience by providing more relevant ads? etc... Menos

Its such a tricky question. I guess its by the analytic we use to know the page views and all.. Menos

I didn't have a good answer for this one.

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

What would be your goals for this position? How would you handle oversight of multiple departments/personnel? What would be the first thing you would do once you start?

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1) my goal is trustworthy to my company. 2) I'm already working as a assistant professor, hostel in charge, exam cell co ordinator and also supervisor. So multiple department is not a new work for me, I always do my best. 3) the first thing I would do is check my roles and responsibilities. Menos

Additionally, post the alignment of segmented mission statements, I'd provisionally provide oversight into the description, tailored by fostering achievement mandated by the department. Menos


Have you ever have video shooting/ editing experience?

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Estée Lauder Companies

Tell us how you see the brand growing?

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Good advertising and strong marketing in social media is the way forward

We are seeing our brand well and we will continue to work to understand the company as our own Menos


Tells us about yourself, why are you looking to leave, what projects have you failed, how would our friends describe you, how would your co-workers describe you, basic questions...

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I’m outgoing a people person who’s looking forward to expanding my experience in different areas Menos

** BE WARNED ** They claim they're trying to find the "perfect" candidate for this role but I honestly feel like they're STEALING people's ideas from the SUPER extensive "social media test" they hit you following the initial recruiter interview. I say that because they ask WAY TOO MUCH such as a minimum of 3 creative elements, a 30-60-90-day plan and "super specific" recommendations you'd implement into their current social media strategy. What I find funny is how one of the creative elements I created oddly reminded me of one of their Instagram posts following my interview. In addition, I never received an email from either the recruiter or head that interviewed me saying "they were pursing other candidates" or "passing on me." And let me also add this position has been around since March. Let this all sink in before you slave away on that "social media test" that they're not paying you to do. Because like I said, it is rather lengthy and they ain't cutting you a check for your ideas-- they're just pocketing them instead. Menos

Hershey Entertainment & Resorts

The 2nd question was a combination of questions but mostly asked if I was familiar with what Hershey Park Entertainment and Resorts does.

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I began to answer the question and midway through I was interrupted by the interviewer who was glancing at a text message that just came through about an upcoming meeting. The interviewer apologized, however; after I continued on with my answer I was interrupted a 2nd time by the interviewer who was now answering the text that they received. Again, I received another apology and was advised that the text message was required because they have a lot of things going out in the media right now. After this point in the interview things moved along quickly with only 3 or 4 more questions. I was told that a decision would be made in a few weeks - I never heard back. I never had an experience like that during an interview. It was very odd and unprofessional. Menos

"I never had an experience like that during an interview. It was very odd and unprofessional." It was a behavioral interview. They were testing you to see how you responded. Apparently, they didn't like your response. I imagine you took offense to their "rudeness" and it showed. I also imagine you would've been dealing with plenty of people who are like that on the job or dealing with frequent interruptions. Maybe she was looking for you to call her out on it? Maybe she was looking for you to say you understand the urgency of media deadlines and how important it is to get that out there on time? Who knows? Every interviewer is looking for something different based on what they think the needs of the company or department are and what kind of personality would be a good fit for the job. The point is, in the future, you need to realize it's only a test and devise a way to handle it gracefully rather than consider it unprofessional and becoming standoffish thus failing to maintain your own composure. "After this point in the interview things moved along quickly with only 3 or 4 more questions. I was told that a decision would be made in a few weeks - I never heard back." Things moved along quickly at that point because she already determined you weren't a good fit for the company/department/job/etc based on how you reacted to being frequently interrupted. She likely felt there was no need to waste any more of her time talking to you. We've all been there so don't take it personally. Menos

Chalhoub Group

Where do you live in Dubai? :)

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I live Qatar


Prescott Papers

What do you currently do for work?

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I worked for a deli at the time.


what's your biggest disadvantage?

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A little too rush

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