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Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
Pergunta feita para Medical Social Worker...14 de abril de 2015

Why the interest in PVHMC and why an interest to work there.

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High recognition and well known. It's a community hospital that is truly focused on providing quality care to its patients Menos

Great hospital, with a great working team.

PVHMC is a local hospital that has provided the best care for three generations in my family. My goal was always to work in medicine so I attended Loyola Marymount University and completed coursework for a B.S. in Biology/Pre-med. Now it would be like fulfilling a dream to work there. Menos

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Cassena Care

How do you feel about discharging someone to a shelter who is problematic?

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Depends on the situation and the clients needs. But I will if its required

If it is necessary to ensure client safety, then it must be done.

What does Problamtic entails? Do you mean people with behaviors concerns diagnosed with MI/Dementia? Menos

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Why do you want to work in the HIV/ADS population?

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Look forward in a I

After over 40 years of HIV in the community there is still stigma and disinformation that needs to be set right. I am excited for the opportunity to join the leader in HIV care to continue its legacy of fighting for what’s right. Menos

My passion is to serve vulnerable populations.

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US Department of Veterans Affairs

What was your most difficult case?

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Work with a family with multiple issues and sexual physical and emotional abuse.

Provided support, and therapeutic intervention. I found a support system with individual, family therapy in which I increased their trust and follow through To continue optimal functioning after I left. Menos

May were successfulOr better functioning for years

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City and County of San Francisco

It wasn't a technical question at all, just pointless. I was asked what my zodiac sign is.

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Cell phone

My birthday in August, I been told am a few signs don't no.

I told them and asked why they wanted to know. I was informed that it was helpful in determining office dynamics. Menos

Carefor Health & Community Services

Do you have direct experience working with home care services in Ottawa?

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No I don’t have but am based here in Uganda and I have a bachelors degree in social work and social administration..I have counseling skills in this I helped a lot of people here in Uganda and most of all am a social person who enjoys together for a better achievements. Menos

Yes, I have an upper credit diploma in Social work

Yes, I do.

CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l'Île-de-Montréal

where do you see yourself in 10 years

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Working for your compagny, maybe as a coordinator and doing some private practice on the side Menos

10 years from now. if the company given me a chance to work or be a member of their team. i'll make sure and promise to myself and to the company who give me a chance. i will be a supervisor. because i will my 100% best. Menos

i will be a manager

Sea Mar Community Health Centers

Are you able to use your own personal vehicle to travel to different job sites?

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Uncommon Schools

What is your experience dealing with parents.

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How did I feel working with a diverse population? Or What was my educational background.

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I've learned, in the grand scheme, people are people, no matter race, sexual orientation, creed or gender. I have dealt with every and all population, the only commonality I've seen is that they need help. My experience and educational background reflect that, I'd be glad to give you more specifics if need be . Menos

I enjoy every aspect of helping families get stronger and more in time with loved ones Menos

I enjoy every aspect of helping families get stronger and more in time with loved ones Menos

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