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Oakland Unified School District
Pergunta feita para Special Education Teacher...15 de junho de 2015

Do you think all students can succeed at high levels?

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Yes! I think this is an extremely important question to say yes to.


yes with the right help and support

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Brightmont Academy

What subjects are you qualified to teach? Are you flexible in your teaching style?

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I am qualified to teach English Literature and Grammar. My style is very flexible focusing on needs to the students. Menos

English Literature and Grammar

I gave all the subjects I have taught over the years. The more subjects you can teach, the more hours you can get, so be flexible! Menos

Canutillo Independent School District

What would you do if you heard a staff member speaking badly about another teacher, yourself, or a student in your classroom?

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This was a difficult question, and I answered with well you never really know if they are just rumors but I would maybe ask the teacher to speak to me personally about it, and if anything were to get out of hand, I would like to bring the administration into the situation. Menos

I would talk to the staff member, and outline some strategies they might use in discussing their concerns. I might offer some reasons for the staff member's behavior. Menos

Baltimore City Public School System

how can you help a student? What is the IEP process?

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The process of getting an IEP begins with an evaluation for special education. It ends with a written plan for services and supports. But the work of making sure your child is getting needed support continues long after that. Menos

I did well because I have years of experience.

Millcreek Township School District

How did you handle a stressful situation on the job?

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Ethically, logically, professionally, and later emotionally I was able to get through a number of personally stressful situations and draw upon the experience of other professional to seek advice on best practice and method if I were to encounter similar events in the future to be better equipped and have the best possible outcome. Menos

An example of a stressful situation I’ve dealt with is, when I was working at the adult day services I dealt with a young adult individual who always wanted to get her way, and when she wouldn’t get her way she get very upset and start yelling or bothering others. When the individual would act this way I would take her to what we called the ‘sensory’ room which was kind of like a time out room for the clients and I would let her calm down in there and sometimes she would talk to me (which usually calmed her down) and when she was ready we’d go back into the activity. Menos

Austin ISD

Why are you a good fit?

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I think I would be a good fit here because I’m very responsible, hardworking, and very patient, especially when it comes to working with special needs individuals. I believe with the experience I have I know how to care for disabled individuals and how to react correctly to their different behaviors. Menos

I think I would be a good fit because I have some experience working with disabled people and even kids that have special needs. I have the patience and know the care disabled people need and how to react correctly to their behaviors. Menos

New York City Department of Education

It has been very different each time. Some ask to see a portfolio, some are not interested at all. I was asked some very specific questions, such as, "what were your students test scores from the previous year and how did you move their scores up?"

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Thank you for being honest and answering the interview question.

I responded that I used differentiated groupings for class work, manipulative s, and a variety of graphic organizers. That answer was not specific enough. They were not happy with me and were not shy to let me know it. Menos

Are you comfortable working with children who have additional learning disabilities?

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Of course. Working with children is my passion. It sometimes takes additional time and effort to find methods which will breakthrough and connect with a child, but when you do, and you see the light ignite in their eyes. It makes it all worth it. Menos

Yes. Of course! While I was a tutor for some of the special needs and autistic kids a few years back I loved working with them, and I knew that sometimes they learn slower and in different ways than some other children. And I’d be happy to help them learn in the way they best understand. Menos

Chicago Public Schools

If a kid was misbehaving, what would do?

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If a kid was misbehaving I would I would separate them from the classroom or group and pull them aside and sit with them and ask them what’s going on, and depending on their age, I’d ask them why they reacted in the way they did, and see if there was a way they could’ve handled it better. When they were calmed down and get ready to come back I’d have them rejoin the group again. Menos

And have them apologize if necessary!

Pearland ISD

What is the first priority option between your job or your family?

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Hard decision

Family comes first.

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