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Pergunta feita para Customer Service Representative Supervisor...2 de junho de 2015

Can you drive to work?

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What do you mean by being sharp but not smart? ...Able to read the person but not analyze the situation and the answers? or ... (What is considered "smart"?) Menos


Probably not

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Remedy Intelligent Staffing

Nothing amazing stands out in terms of interview questions.

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I had the same issue in Westerville Ohio. A big joke the interview if that's what you call it wasnt!! I never been through anything like this before. They run around like you said over a week saying we got you a job but never tell who it is either. Im like you. I like to look into that employer to see how they treat people and wages. Menos

These reviews they have on here with 4 stars are fake they are from the recruiters posting fake names. Menos

The Ohio State University

Do you enjoy working with people and are you able to handle people in a problematic situation?

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Problematic, being large, noisy or difficult crowds. As Event Mgr. or Program Super one needs to be able to anticipate & prevent possible problems before they happen or even while they are happening! Menos

GE Aviation

Have you ever had to let someone go? How did you feel about it?

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Yes. I let them know i was disappointed that the firing was needed given all of the time and funds spent on training and coaching the person. Menos

The decision to terminate an employee is the answer only after I have exhausted other forms of PIP (performance improvement plans). We should take pride in going the mile for employees, and terminating someone should only be exercised if it is certain that the employee has failed to complete the PIP. Menos

Columbia Sussex

I was asked how do I relate to people who speak another language from the one I speak

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Carefully and with respect in mind

Hand gestures and bar graphs


Canned questions....every one of them. I've heard the same ones over and over again.

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Dear Candidate, I am the VP, HR you referred to in your post. I remember you and the interview well. We meet last Tuesday, July 18th. We are very sorry that you had a bad interview experience. It is our intent to treat all visitors (candidates, customers, and vendors) in a friendly, professional manner that makes everyone feel welcome. On behalf of Argen and our employees, I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the events noted in your post. Our HR Generalist-Recruiter and I met with you on the 18th because the Director was not available to meet. He wanted to be present but he was needed last minute to help with an urgent situation in Production. We explained the reason for his absence at the beginning of the interview. If that message did not come across, we accept that we were at fault for not ensuring the reason was clear. You entered through the only visitor entrance we have at this time. This door previously was our employee-only entrance. Because of our expansion and growth, all employees, visitors, and vendors must enter through this door. We hear your feedback that it is not as fresh and welcoming as we want it to be. We will work on that. I take exception to your description of our break room being dingy and dirty. The restrooms, break room, and locker rooms were completely remodeled less than 3 months ago. The break room has all new tables, seating, cabinets, appliances, and vending machines. We have a cleaning crew that comes in several times a day to ensure this area stay clean. Your characterization of our employees as “rude people” is unfounded and unfair. Our employees are amazing and kind people. They are dedicated and hardworking and do not deserve to be characterized in that manner. I am sure you were greeted professionally and escorted around by our Security staff when you entered the building. We have no expectation that our employees take time from their lunch breaks to personally introduce themselves to a visitor. This is their time to eat, relax, socialize, and do whatever they would like before they return to their jobs. As far as a response to your email withdrawing from consideration, we do our best to respond within a reasonable timeframe. You interviewed with us on July 18th and sent your withdrawal email on July 18th. You posted this review less than 24 hours later on July 19th. I am sorry that we could not meet your expectations for a timely reply. Thank you for interviewing for our opportunity. We wish you the best in your search for a new company where you will be happy and successful. Sincerely, Connie Wedel Vice President, Human Resources Argen Corporation Menos

With honesty.

Burger King

if I would work anytime

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yes I will work my share of weekends, evenings openings and closings anytime!

extensive knowledge of Excel

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computer based on Excel formulas, not manually inputting.

Do you want the opportunity to own your own business?

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Yes. I would love the opportunity to advance in the company and possibly own my own business one day. (This is a lot more easier said than done, I saw close to 100 people come and go within the time I was there and saw around 3-4 promotions to business "owner" within the time I was there. Quite frankly this job is not for everyone) Menos

How long can you work for a company without getting regular paychecks?

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I can and did work for a long time with numerous weeks of payroll that were never paid. As long as they paid at least every other week, I could make it, but when they went 3 to 4 weeks without a paycheck, I had to draw the line. I was driving 100 round trip miles per day and with today's gas prices was spending more than $100.00 a week. Menos

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