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Pergunta feita para Traffic Engineer...9 de outubro de 2019

Apart from my experience or work what else do you like to do in your free time?

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My answer was personal and I added as I like to watch or play cricket.

Norman Rourke Pryme

Technical Skills

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I presented my master's degree dissertation project.


When can you start

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I told them

Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson

How do you manage a team member who often fails to meet the deadline?

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Give specific tasks and ask for progress reports on a weekly basis

Ramey Kemp & Associates

What is your past job experience?

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Martindale Hubbell

What can you do a professional to improve a particular area?

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I focused on a particular issue and worked from there.


I was asked very specific questions from manuals.

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I was able to answer almost all of the questions and told were I can find the answer to the questions that I wasn't able to answer Menos


Why you chose Arcadis?

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I wanted to grow within your company and get big

Georgia Department of Transportation

Name 5 manuals/book you used for you various projects

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AISC Steel Manual ACI 318-05 ASCE 7-10 IBC 2006 AASHTO

Southeastern Engineering

Explain your experience with your current employer.

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went in detail about my traffic analysis experience and knowledge if traffic analysis software. Menos

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