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Pergunta feita para Transportation Engineer, Civil...26 de março de 2020

Tell us about your education and experience. Why are you interested in this position and what qualifies you.

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Hi - I was interviewed for a ANalyst role and my references were contacted in 3 days too. Can you please share when after references check did the hiring manager call you with the offer, and after how many days the start date was provided? Menos

Did the job require a pre-employment drug screening?

I was interviewed via Webex on March 27th for a Transportation engineer position in Redding . A panel of three, they asked 5 questions. The first question was the same : "Tell us about your education and experience. Why are you interested in this position and what qualifies you." But I haven't heard anything after almost 4 weeks. The panel said they will make a decision within 2-3 weeks. I think they hired someone else. Menos

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If you had multiple projects to finish, how would you prioritize your work?

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By priority, safety concern and funding requirements

By priority, safety concern and funding requirements.


Explain what you learned during your master's degree ?

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Master degree taught me to arrive to solutions to difficult tasks by asking myself where,when ,how and what for specific case need to solved. Arriving to logical solution is always a self check to achieving to right solution. Menos

Master degree taught me to detect mistake just by looking at the structure, and solve problems in different was ,however arriving similar results. Menos

North Carolina Department of Transportation


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Preliminary, Right of Way, and Final

Michigan Department of Transportation

Negative experience that I turned into positive

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Just answer honestly

Hexagon Transportation Consultants

Why do you want to work for us?

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I like the type of projects the company does.

C H Fenstermaker & Associates

How long have you worked at certain jobs and why did you leave?

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With the truth.


A bridge is to be constructed between two cities, over a enviromentally senestive area. How would you go about the process.

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Outlined caltrans process for the unit i was interviewing. There is a manual out there that dicusses how they rate interiviewers. Alot of the time you could answer the question correct and they still wouldnt hirre you. in most cases it was worth traveling to the building. For most people it takes 2years of interviewing to get a position. Menos


How do you resolve conflict?

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We have to recognize the root cause of the problem and provide solution accordingly. Menos


what i would do if there is a project to build a bridge over a historic gave me floor plans and 5 mins to review a project details

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such a this equation needed to more study and practice to be quality soon n

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