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Qatar Petroleum
Pergunta feita para Senior Water Supply Engineer...26 de outubro de 2017

Mostly very stupid question which has nothing to do with the job nor addressing any value such as what is the name of your product, did you use potable water, what is the TSS of water, what is RCA?

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When you go around with this kind of mindset. you run the risk of failing interviews because i was treated the same way but i did not read any meaning to it. I was asked all sorts of questions from the academic books, but i felt i should be able to give an idea even if i have forgotten. You obviously failed and i am still wondering why you cared to apply if you have this terrible mindset. Menos


Yep, this is copy/paste of my interview. The weirdest interview of all times. Two Indian (or whatever) guys. Middle of the might interview. They kept insisting on some weird irrelevant uncomprehensible questions. finally, I realized, they connected for the interview predetermined not to hire me. Considering the fact that I spent 4years in Qatar working for Qatar petroleum projects, this was and it wasn't such a surprise. They should really take care to whom they give these interviews to lead them. I never applied for another QP job after that, although I'm more than qualified. Simply, didn't feel very eager to have those two or similar people for colleagues. Felt more safe somewhere else. Menos

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What would you like to work with us

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passion for engineering

Synergy Engineering and Environmental Solutions

why you wants to join us?

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I just answered in simple way that i had gone through company work profile & i think i its good opportunity for me to enhance my talent n skills if i co work Synergy which may results in beneficial for both. Menos

State of California

Depth of Knowledge of diversity practices. How could you contribute to this diversity.

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Water Bird

Nothing hard... basics... process calculation or chemistry...and language know matters... good for kannada and tulu speaking people

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Be cool... and confident


technical hard skills you bring to team

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Discussed my programming, cad and modeling skills


Describe your knowledge of wastewater collection systems.

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I didn't because they were scammers playing games.


Tell me about yourself

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Can you please share some of those questions?


What are your 5 year goals or plans?

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Hi were there any technical questions?


When you need someone to do something for you, but you don't have any authority over them (they are a customer or a supervisor or someone in a call center far away), how do you get them to deliver?

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I said, "I use any incentive I can come up with, like bringing coffee and doughnuts, to establish a positive relationship and a sense of ownership on their side, and if worst comes to worst, I do it myself." Best answer: "Find out what that person's motivation and goals are, and then align your need with their's. E.g., if they are applying for a promotion, make it clear that the task makes them look good to their supervisors, and if they are just killing time for the next year until retirement, make the task minimal effort and make sure they know how much of a hastle it will be later if they don't do the task now." Menos

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