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Entrevista para Operations Management - Graduate Program

-Derby, Inglaterra


what do you think an operations manager deals with in a typical day?


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case study is on a manufacturing issue and you have to talk about what you will do to resolve the problem and mitigate any consequences (think about long term and short term solutions). btw you have a strict limit (max 1.5 pages) so do be concise and write NEATLY (if they cant read they cant assess you) group exercise is you are an airline manufacturer and you have to make a product following specific client demands. but you have constraints (budget etc). so you need to solve the problem and justify your actions. hope this helps. best advise i can give is to relax. they are all so friendly. they have a benchmark which they look for so you need to meet it across all 4 activities (you cant excel in 3 but do poorly in the 4th). be enthusiastic and show real motivation and desire to work there (prep some questions you want to ask them as well). Good luck

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Can you give me please more information about the questions you have been asked and written scenario? What do you had to do in the group exercise?



Is you have done your research on who the company is, what they do and who their clients are you'll have no problem. Also what the role involves. Case study is a simple, you get a scenario and are asked what you would do (no need to prepare). Group activity is collectively coming do an agreement and then presenting your findings giving appropriate justification. You need to do well in all activities to get an offer

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Understood that but it will help me if you will be more specific regarding the case study & group exercise ..what it is about? if you want of course i will be very grateful to you.



Hi, Thank you very much for the information. I have got a few questions, 1) how many other candidates were there? 2) When was the start date? Jan 18 or Sept 18? 3) Which business was this for? I applied about 2 weeks back and the status of my application now is "Selection event to be scheduled".

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