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  • Dublin Office   Ardilaun Court, C, 112-114 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2   Como chegar

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    Ex-funcionário - Team Manager - Customer Success - EMEA em Dublin, Dublin (Irlanda)
    Ex-funcionário - Team Manager - Customer Success - EMEA em Dublin, Dublin (Irlanda)
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    Trabalhei para Glassdoor em período integral (Mais de 5 anos)


    Glassdoor is…

    -making the world a better place by helping people make informed career decisions and by -helping employers attract and retain top talent.
    -providing culture-rich offices and teams.
    -creating life-changing career opportunities for many employees.
    -making meaningful improvements to the user experience.
    -supporting employees in new ways with the creation of niche support roles.
    -humble enough to identify what needs fixing and try to course correct.
    -growing quickly in EMEA, now with effective leadership across all functions.
    -led by increasingly strong leaders who enable growth and inspire others.


    POSITIONING: GD is still often viewed as an Employer Branding site vs. a multi-pronged Talent solution.

    VALUE: Customer ROI is highly subjective and often difficult to quantify. The result is that GD account teams feel pressure to accommodate any amount of one-off requests (i.e. people-please) instead of strategically execute on a defined success plan.

    SLAs: Service specifics and value delivery are largely undefined and left open to interpretation

    SCALE: many tasks and processes remain manual and time-consuming, pulling employees out of non-core activity.

    Conselhos à presidência

    Constantly revisit and clarify your value proposition. To help, use 100% of your own product features and inform the internal staff of how Glassdoor leverages Glassdoor's own LEPs, Insights, JobAds/Slots, etc... Prove you're truly indispensable.

    Make sure customers are well aware of where the line starts and stops with service, relative to their purchase. This will protect people’s time, equalize book planning and generate revenue opportunities (e.g. Professional Services, advanced training & consultation, customized reporting, community training webinars, etc…).

    Truly Commit to Scale. Identify where employees are spending time on low-impact activity and commit to workable solutions. Back this with ample headcount dedicated to scale.

    In Closing: I love Glassdoor and I owe so much of my career path – and personal life journey – to this great company. I remain so grateful for the entire experience, including an overwhelmingly warm send-off at the end. Countless GD employees are kind-hearted, collaborative, driven and super smart. It was an honor to work with them. Despite runway (every company has it), I know Glassdoor will continue to be a great place to work and will continue working to do right by its employees, users and customers.

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32.841 € por ano
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Como conseguir uma entrevista





    Entrevista para Account Manager

    Funcionário confidencial em Dublin, Dublin (Irlanda)
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    Candidatei-me por indicação de um funcionário. O processo levou 3 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela Glassdoor (Dublin, Dublin (Irlanda)) em fevereiro de 2020.


    I had an initial phone call with the Talent Acquisition Partner, then an in-person interview with the Senior Sales Manager, a video call to pitch Glassdoor to the Senior Sales Manager and a Senior Account Manager, and then a final in-person interview (had to do video due to the office working from home) with the Sales Director, Senior Sales Manager, and Senior Account Manager.

    Everything was well organised and I felt that everyone I talked to genuinely wanted to learn more about me as a person and not just the skillset I have to offer that fits the role. It was an all-around pleasant experience.

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