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    "4 years in and going strong"

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    Funcionário atual - Funcionário confidencial em Mill Valley, CA (Estados Unidos da América)
    Funcionário atual - Funcionário confidencial em Mill Valley, CA (Estados Unidos da América)
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    Glassdoor is the favorite company I've worked for so far in my career. First and foremost, the company has an amazing company culture. People are really good to one another here. While people are smart and driven, they also care about making sure that everyone works together well.

    Glassdoor is also having a lot of success as a company. Like any early stage company there are ups and downs, but over the 4 years I've been here I've seen revenue triple and the employee base grow by a similar amount.

    And I love Glassdoor's mission and that we are creating transparency for job seekers all around the world.


    None really. It's worth saying that we have some big competitors (LinkedIn, Indeed) in our industry so you have to bring your A-game. But I believe in what we're doing and our results show we are having success.

    Conselhos à presidência

    Continue to focus on company culture even as we grow.

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    Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 3 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela Glassdoor (Mill Valley, CA (Estados Unidos da América)) em setembro de 2016.


    Overall, a frustrating experience. I went through 2 interviews & a Sales Pitch. The first 2 interviews were very straightforward i.e. tell us about yourself, what attracted you to Glassdoor, etc., while the Sales Pitch requires a lot of time & preparation, but comes across as a good taste of the job's duties.

    My main frustration with this experience is how the interviewers handled it. I initially thought that each interviewer was very genuine & professional. However, following the Sales Pitch, no one ever reached back out to at least tell me I wouldn't be offered the job. The same people that had been so friendly & easy to talk to suddenly became impossible to reach. I sent a "Thank you" email & still have not heard back. It was like they would only talk to you if they think you could be of use to them. Once they realized I wasn't, I immediately wasn't even worth a quick email telling me the status of my application. This was especially frustrating because the people I had given the Sales Pitch to specifically told me someone would reach out to tell me the status of my application.

    I also thought the structure of how the Sales Pitch was graded wasn't entirely fair. I was criticized because the questions I asked weren't "specific enough". This is something that could have EASILY been corrected if this had been outlined more clearly in the guideline. The prompt for the Sales Pitch stated to ask questions, but it didn't outline how important it was to make your questions very specific. I made a point of asking many questions during the Sales Pitch. This was also an ENTRY LEVEL position, where you can easily be taught this. To be critiqued on something so harshly when I could've easily prevented this if they just made this more clear was really unfair in my opinion.

    I had a high level of respect for Glassdoor & really high hopes of contributing as a team member. Because of the way I was treated during the interview process, I've lost that respect.

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    • What is something you feel very passionate about? Name a time that you had to convince someone of this belief?

      Why are you interested in Sales?

      Name a very difficult experience for you & how you dealt with it.   1 resposta
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