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    "Absurd company. It’s a mess from the very top down."

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    Ex-funcionário - Data Science em Dublin, Dublin (Irlanda)
    Ex-funcionário - Data Science em Dublin, Dublin (Irlanda)
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    Trabalhei para Wildlife Studios em período integral


    Excellent recruiters, diligent and helpful.


    Management seem to be chasing their tail. They don’t have direction or focus. This leads to a very messy working environment and overtime. There’s definitely nepotism at play. Key managers have no idea what they are doing but the team or colleagues are the best in their field.

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    If they’re not willing to create structure a mission and a backbone this company WILL fall apart.

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    Candidatei-me online. Fui entrevistado na Wildlife Studios (Dublin, Dublin (Irlanda)).


    Applied online, an internal recruiter got back to me within one week to schedule an interview with a hiring manager. It went fine, and I proceeded to the second round. The same person interviewed me again, but this time it was much more technical. The recruiter told me that the process is designed to be fair and unbiased: they have a list of graded questions, and in order to pass, you have to score 80 out of 120. After the second round, I got a generic "we don't want you" e-mail, which seems a bit strange. Most companies I know would have a call with the candidate to give some feedback. As it clearly wasn't the case, I sent several e-mails, asking if I can get some comments or at least know how much I scored on that scale. Never got anything back, which unfortunately raises significant doubts about the fairness of the process and even the existence of that "scale".

    Overall, very similar experience to that of some candidates who posted reviews here: knowledgeable and polite interviewers, but terrible communication habits when their recruiters are concerned. Pity that not getting even some basics right might leave a bad aftertaste. After all, it might actually be quite a nice company.

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