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    "Do not work for them- You cannot build your career here!"

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    Ex-funcionário - Mergers & Acquisitions, Analyst em Chicago, IL (Estados Unidos da América)
    Ex-funcionário - Mergers & Acquisitions, Analyst em Chicago, IL (Estados Unidos da América)
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    Interns can get some exposure to M&A if they are Freshmen or Sophomores.


    I would like to share my insights into this business and this position based on my two months of experience at BMP, and my suggestions for all the stakeholders. Those comments may be long, but it will be worth your time. Trust me!

    The core value of the business is to scam executives to buy their membership services so that those executives can help them source deals and close deals for them. Gerald said you did not have to pay them, and they will still work with you. However, he will not work seriously with you if he cannot get any money from you, since it is just a scam.

    They are also working with some deal partners to seek funds from LPs and GPs to close deals. But they only closed 4 deals in 15 years.

    Here are my comments for all the stakeholders.

    • For Executives: I know BMP and BMC will promise you that they will offer you great training and a great future with PE firms if you decide to pay membership fees. However, they are just drawing a pie in the sky! BMP will let you use your own resources to source deals for them and they can present the deals and you to PE firms. In other words, executives are helping them source deals so that BMP can get fees from PE firms, by GIVING MONEY TO BMP!

    One executive called the office and he got super emotional to Gerald since he worked with BMP for about one year and no PE firm hired him! The only thing Gerald told him about was to keep patient and work harder!

    • For interns: Your experience at BMP cannot be your resume builders. How many deals have they closed? Only 4 deals in 15 years! They are Humanetics, Northwest Mailing Service, The Lion Brewery and Logistyx. You can check their website. What kind of PE firm can only close 4 deals in 15 years!!!!! You cannot get any actual transaction experiences since they just cannot close deals with so many excuses!

    I know they are always trying to persuade interns that you will get more experience if they work with them for more than 6 months since you can get more exposure to transaction opportunities with longer internship programs. However, most interns will only do administrative works, and if you did those tasks in a wrong way, they will not hesitate to yell at you and tell you that this is finance world!!!

    There four main things interns need to do every day:
    1. BMP posted a lot of fake jobs on LinkedIn and scam people to apply for those jobs. Interns check emails and title their resumes to sales force.
    2. “Mandate emails”- Interns will find qualified executives and email them so that BMP can scam them to buy their services.
    3. BMC Outreach- Email and cold call PE firms to market their conferences service. Intern will need to send more than 200 emails per month and cold call those PE firms. Some PE firms have already marked them as spams, and they may hang out in a minute if interns tell them that they are working for BMC.
    4. NDA review- That is probably the most valuable thing those interns are doing. BMP cannot afford legal document review fees so that they let interns review NDAs and agreements, to support Manchit in negotiating with investment bankers and PE firms.

    You probably have noticed that most duties are not related to PE. That’s why I said interns cannot build their career by wasting their time and money in BMP.

    They always say that they want to pay interns, but those interns cannot help them, because of their limited contribution. First, BMP cannot close deals anyway, as I mentioned. Second, those interns are helping BMP organize BMC conferences every two months. BMP should pay those interns since they are helping BMC make money!

    • For PE firms: BMC actually recommend some really good executives to PE firms. I would recommend BMC’s conference services to PE firms. Those conferences are very helpful to build in person connections with industry experts.

    I spent more than one hour explaining why executives and interns should not work with them because I hope no one will be scammed again. I know job searching is frustrating but there is no easy way to achieve your career goal. I had one great paid intern and now I am working in a fast-growing finance institution, by my efforts, not by my experience in BMP. Actually, I never talked about BMP in most of my interviews because I know interviewers will google BMP and they will know BMP's glassdoor reviews, which will harm my personal brand.


    Conselhos à presidência

    Pay one or two interns to focus on improving the quality of BMC conferences. It is the only valuable thing you are good at!

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    Candidatei-me online. O processo levou mais de 4 semanas. Fui entrevistado na Blackmore Partners.


    First it was a skype interview with 2 HR people. This was followed up by a meeting with the director. The second meeting was very short and he seemed in a hurry.

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