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Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
Mais de 10.000 funcion�rios
Empresa: capital aberto (DEO)
Fabricação de bebidas e alimentos
Mais de $ 10 bilhões (BRL) por ano
As a global leader in beverage alcohol, our 200+ brands are part of everyday celebrations in over 180 countries. Our ambition? We want to be one of the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer products companies in the world.

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Missão: To be the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer product company in the world.

Diageo – Por que trabalhar com a gente?

Why work for us

As a global leader in beverage alcohol, our 200+ brands are part of everyday celebrations in over 180 countries. Our ambition? We want to be one of the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer products companies in the world. 

Ever since Arthur Guinness took out a 9,000 year lease on a Dublin brewery, some 250 years ago, we became a business that is defined by the character of the people who work here. It took immense character from Alexander Walker to convince the captains of every ship in the port of Glasgow to take crates of Johnnie Walker to the four corners of the world. Today, nothing’s changed.

We’re proud to be more than 30,000 talented people. While they make our iconic brands ever stronger around the world, we help them go further than they thought possible. In fact, we’re helping to define their career growth through stretching roles and exciting development opportunities. 

Diageo is where you’ll find a wide variety of personalities, experiences and perspectives, wherever you’re based in the world. It makes for a stimulating and rewarding working environment, where everyone can flourish. 

Celebrating the success of our people

Our success as a business depends on the success of our people. So we make sure that we create an environment where all our employees feel included and able to perform at their best.

We have a culture where success is celebrated, no matter how big or small. We trust each other and value openess and honesty in our working relationships. As an example, look at our performance management process, Partners for Growth. This programme provides opportunities for everyone in Diageo to share their broader goals in life and supports them in exploring and harnessing their unique strengths at work.

More generally we recognise that our employees have commitments away from the workplace and encourage working patterns that balance home life and career. We also aim to attract and maintain a diverse employee base with a wide variety of individual characteristics, perspectives and experiences in every part of our business.

Five Values at the heart of everything we do

These are the Values we live and work by. There are five of them, and they’re at the heart of our business:

We are passionate about customers and consumers

curiosity and consumer insights drive our growth. We cherish our brands; we are creative and courageous in pursuing their full potential. We are innovative, constantly searching for new ideas.

We value each other

we seek and benefit from diverse people and perspectives. We strive to create mutually fulfilling relationships and partnerships.

We give ourselves the freedom to succeed

we trust each other, we are open and seek challenge, and we respond quickly to the opportunities this creates.

We are proud of what we do

and how we do it – we behave responsibly with the highest standards of integrity.

We strive to be the best

we are always learning, always improving. We set high standards, we stretch to exceed them and we celebrate success.

Every year we conduct an employee Values Survey, which gives us valuable information on the ways and degrees in which our Values are being demonstrated individually and across the company.

Sustainability & Responsibility

People celebrate with our brands – and by doing so become a link in a chain that connects rivers and fields, vineyards, distilleries and breweries, transport networks, the hospitality industry, and the people who work and live around us.

Our Sustainability & Responsibility (S&R) Strategy encompasses the actions Diageo takes each day, and every day, to support every link in this chain. We call this celebrating life, today and tomorrow. Putting the principles of sustainability and responsibility into practice means accounting for our most material social and environmental impacts in every aspect of what we do - from sourcing raw materials, to running our manufacturing safely and efficiently, to influencing how our brands are sold and consumed.

Diageo's Performance Ambition is to create the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer products company in the world. Our distilleries, breweries and wineries are at the very heart of the communities in which we work, and we have a responsibility to create shared value – for our shareholders, our people who work so hard to make our business successful, and for the wider society that enables our business to flourish and grow. To fulfil our ambition we know that we must earn the trust and respect of everyone that comes into contact with our company. We must be transparent and authentic, demonstrating good citizenship every day, everywhere. We only earn trust and respect through our actions, and we work hard to ensure that Diageo delivers on its promises.

There are six main priorities that make up our Sustainability & Responsibility Strategy:

  • Alcohol in society - we want to contribute to the World Health Organization's goal of reducing alcohol-related harm by 10% by communicating about alcohol responsibly and tackling misuse through effective programmes and policies
  • Water and the environment - we want to protect the precious commodity of water through reducing, returning and, where appropriate, replenishing what we use while investing in, and advocating, water stewardship in our communities. We also want to be a business which does not negatively impact the environment we operate in - and where possible, improves it
  • Community empowerment - we want to empower the women and men in our value network, from the farmers who grow our crops to the bartenders who sell our brands
  • Our people - we want our employees to be engaged, aligned with our strategy and connected to our values, but above all we want to protect their safety and respect their human rights
  • Sustainable supply chains - we want our suppliers to be our partners in providing locally and sustainably sourced materials which have a positive impact on the communities and environment in which we operate.
  • Governance and ethics - we want to earn the trust and respect of our stakeholders as an ethical leader in society.

We have targets in some of these areas, and report against progress in our Annual Report.Our 2020 targets

With our current targets expiring in 2015, and in anticipation of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference and other external factors, we evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of our strategy in light of our track record of performance and the work we have done over the last few years in understanding the expectations and concerns of our stakeholders.

As a result, in December 2014, we launched ambitious targets for 2020 for our most material issues, which build on our achievements to date, and are aligned with the emerging UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Working at Diageo

Whether you’re an experienced professional or a graduate starting out, there are career-enhancing opportunities far and wide to join our team of over 30,000 people.

Our diversity and international footprint mean the opportunity for you to experience more than you ever thought possible – gain exposure across functions and with our teams around the world.

Be true to yourself

Diageo is a business built on 250 years of character. Ever since Arthur Guinness took out a 9,000-year lease on a brewery in Dublin in 1759, pioneering, diverse, open-minded and creatively restless people have come together to build premium drinks brands enjoyed the world over. Now it’s your turn to pick up the torch. Bring your unique character, personality and spirit, and create not only a truly fulfilling career, but the next chapter in an iconic, global story. 

Celebrate life, every day everywhere

This isn’t just a corporate mission, it’s a raison d’être. Celebrating life is what we do. Our philosophy opens up a world of opportunities, empowers people, propels careers, builds communities and enhances societies around us. Join us and you’ll live and breathe this every day.

Show your true colours

Our Values are the soul of our business. They underpin a working environment where people are encouraged to be themselves every minute of every day.  The different skills, experiences, opinions and ideas that our diverse teams throw into every project make us who we are today. Join us and you’ll find the freedom and support to be who you want to be and go where you want to go.

Together, anything’s possible

There’s a shared commitment to being the best here. Meet our people, and you’ll see close-up what it means to be driven, genuine, inspirational and collaborative.

You’ll be responsible for the direction your career takes. But we admire optimism, ambition and a spirit of adventure, and we’ll help you open up a world of opportunities. Our investment in learning and development is the cornerstone of our future – we will stretch you and help make you the professional you want to be.

You’re valued

We take great care to make sure skills, hard work and inspired decision-making are celebrated and rewarded. And we continuously strive to create reward packages that support your all-round wellbeing. Everyone here understands the importance of balancing work with life – and squeezing the most from both.

Ultimately, at Diageo, we are a company with a mix of vibrant, motivated people working together to deliver great performance in an environment that allows us to flourish. Walk into any Diageo distillery, brewery or office anywhere in the world and you’ll meet teams of people who are really good at what they do and who enjoy doing it.

Global Graduate Programme

Bring your best to the Diageo Graduate programme and you’ll go further than you ever thought possible. You’ll develop knowledge in your chosen scheme area and high-quality leadership skills. This will happen through a combination of formal training, mentoring and coaching from respected colleagues and, most importantly, real world, on-the-job experience.

From the start you’ll be working on projects that will challenge you and put your skills to the test. You’ll be able to make a real contribution to the business while building a global network of relationships that will support your career, both now and long into the future.

Open up the world

We set up this programme to stretch and inspire ambitious, commercially savvy graduates, opening up a world of future opportunities. As a starting point, you’ll be given a Graduate Passport that will unlock challenges in different areas of our business. We'll introduce you to global networks so you can experience different cultures and build valuable contacts. Depending on your aspirations and the opportunities available, you may be able to spend part of the programme living and working in another country.

We’re passionate about building thriving communities. As part of the programme, you’ll also have the opportunity to take part in projects in society that make a far-reaching difference.

Learn and connect

Shortly after you walk through the door, you’ll be allocated a senior mentor and an international and/or local buddy. Through these relationships you’ll receive coaching, guidance, and an invaluable opportunity to learn from people who’ve seen it and done it.

You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in formal training designed to develop your personal and professional skills. Through virtual connect sessions, you’ll join a number of senior leaders and peers around the world to share ideas and thoughts on our business.

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