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  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • De 51 a 200 funcionários
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  • Empresa: privada
  • Internet
  • De US$ 5 a US$ 10 milhões


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  1. Entrevista para Direct Report of the Chief Executive Officer

    Funcionário sigiloso em Pittsburgh, PA
    Nenhuma oferta
    Experiência negativa
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    Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 7 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela (Pittsburgh, PA) em fev 2014


    This process was a joke. The overall theme seemed to be that they were trying to be more sophisticated but doing it on the cheap. After submitting a resume online, they sent me a three page questionnaire which asked me for basic information, including rating myself 1-5 on a list of 14 vague qualities such as "Detail Oriented", "Leadership", "Hard Working", and "Personable." After requiring a video submission from each candidate to one question, they had you complete the Wonderlic personality assessment and then have a 15 minute Skype call with the CEO, COO, and another senior leader simultaneously. I wasn't impressed when the CEO kept checking his iPhone/Blackberry throughout the Skype. The form letter (after going through all of those steps, I only rated a form letter!) I received from HR talked about how they got to know me. They didn't get to know me. They made the process impersonal because they are stretched too thin to interview more people in person (or as the head of HR called it in an email "in face"). I've interviewed for other jobs at this level and, even at smaller companies than this one, there was far more face to face interviewing and the other C-level leaders would actually pay attention when speaking with you. I didn't get an offer, but I'm glad I didn't. If this is how they interview, it must be a tough place to work.

    Nothing unexpected. Despite their attempts to be sophisticated in narrowing down the candidate field, their questions were remedial and provided little insight.

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