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San Ġiljan (Malta)
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  • "Amazing culture and very smart people"

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    Funcionário atual - Senior Software Engineer
    Funcionário atual - Senior Software Engineer
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    Company built on transparency & trust. Transparency is not just a fancy word here, one example - employees have access to the financial results of the company, how much company has on the bank account, how much is it spending, etc. Trust is the same thing, no one is looking over your shoulder & micromanaging you, the company gives you prepaid credit card on the day 1, etc.

    All the people I've met with so far are very smart and excited about what they're doing... I'm really excited about being here!


    Nothing comes to my mind

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Como conseguir uma entrevista




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    Entrevista para Senior Software Development Engineer

    Candidato confidencial à entrevista em Madrid (Espanha)
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    Candidatei-me online. O processo levou mais de 3 meses. Fui entrevistado na Hotjar (Madrid (Espanha)).


    The interview process had several stages, a video question-answering interview, an HR interview, a technical screening, a take at-home project, and several calls with one of the founders of the company. All stages of the interview went very well, and the task was interesting to work on. I have reached the final stage of the interview, and got an offer from them. They offered detailed feedback for all interview stages. During the interview, there was no discussion about salary expectations or desired salary. The discussion where I was presented with the offer was a one-sided conversation with one of the co-founders, where I was told that the interview showed that I was not fully mapped to the senior position, a very popular sales tactic that I have heard before, and that they cannot offer me a salary in the range advertised on the job post. Also, he mentioned that the offer is not negotiable and that the sum is final since it was based on different factors. The attitude was very inflexible and sales-oriented coming from a company that advertises themselves as having a great culture and being transparent, this interaction was not at all in line with those assumptions. Due to this interaction, I have decided to decline their offer, only to be met by a response saying in rough lines that I was lucky to even get an offer. Bullet dodged! It seems to me they have not taken into account that a job interview is a two-sided conversation. They pride themselves with the fact that they pay you for the time you invest in writing the development task during the interview, as you are required to have production-level code. Nonetheless, they have never paid me for the development task and stopped answering all emails after I declined their offer. In a nutshell: they do not live up to the reputation they have created for themselves in the media.

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    • Answer typical questions about yourself in a video format. Technical interview covering background questions, technical questions regarding different technologies used and design decisions. Development task to implement in a few days and present the solution with a Senior Engineer.   Responder à pergunta
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  • Best Tech Startup, MCA eBusiness Awards, 2015

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