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Entrevista para Clinical Liaison San Diego, CA (Estados Unidos da América)

How well I know Medicare reimbursement guidelines


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NO ONE ever got back to be regarding the job. Just left me hanging. HR, DM, all went silent. Very unprofessional. Someone could have and should have gotten back to me. Whatever the reason, after interviewing with 6 people, I deserved some kind of follow up. The DM even promised to get back to me by a certain date and he did not.

Candidato à entrevista em 25 de set de 2013

Wow they have so many vacancies in San Diego. Their rep for their LTAC quit, their Director of Case Mgt quit, they have many RN and CNA positions open for both San Diego LTAC and San Marcos SNF. I think I would stay away.

Candidate em 23 de out de 2013

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