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EMSI Engineering

Please spell "idiverticulitis".


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@Danna It does if it's an iOS app designed for those who suffer from diverticulitis!

Vince em


This is definitely meant to embarrass people. I suspect the best you can do is ask the standard spelling bee questions (e.g., ask for the etymology and for them to use it in a sentence). In this case, their sentence will probably be pretty outrageous. I had to look it up, but diverticulitis is a "small, bulging sacs or pouches of the inner lining of the intestine (diverticulosis) that become inflamed or infected." After that, I'd totally botch the spelling but hopefully have enough poise to laugh it off.




Paul em


@GBAD - Yes! I thought the same. This one begs for a follow-up question delivered with a smile, "Thank you. Can you use it in a sentence?".

Art em


Growing up in a large Christian family, my mother would have washed my mouth with soap, for saying such a word. I think it sounds like some kind of skin rash condition, but, my mother would have thought it was sexual in nature. Her favorite torture, was a bar of Ivory soap. She stopped using it when I started blowing bubbles out of my nose.

topo gigio em



Harrison em


diverticulitis... I'm a nurse. Got this one.

Sigiloso em


Me: "B, R, O, C, K, L, E, S, N, A, R" Interviewer: Brock Lesnar? Me: Yes, just like Lou Gehrig's disease is a stand in for ALS.

Paul em


de i vee e ar tee i cee you el i tee i es

Paneksipni em



JC em


I like Paul's answer the BEST!!! s-p-e-l-l-c-h-e-c-k !!! It's a bit snarky; but unless you're seriously interviewing as a medical publishing editor, it begs the question... and this applies to the job ... how?

bjohnson em


I'm just not understanding the relevance of this question?

Jack em


My native language is phonetical so I don't spell, but I can write it down for you. Is that OK?

Vlad em


Not only could I spell it, I could give them a lesson on what my grandmother had to deal with from this issue!

Bee Kay em

0 problem I am Greek !

phaethon em


My imaginary response: The version that is spelled i-c-a-n't-d-o-t-h-i-s originating from America or the version that is spelled n-o-w-a-y-j-o-s-é originating from Spain? It's like the word doughnut or donut. I would actually try my best, but I hate spelling out loud. For everyone who doesn't get this, they're trying to see how well rounded you are and/or if you can improvise when you're stuck.

Stephanie em


C. A. N. apostrophe T. Never had it.

Kitty em


I guess because I am a foreigner who learned English from books, this question puzzles me. Do you mean to say that you would not know how to spell such a straightforward word? I mean, it's not some weird French or Gaelic word, really.

Kora Zinger em



Abhi em


You dont that word doesnt exist. Remove the i and there is a word you might be speaking of. "Am I being interviewed as a replacement because you cant spell?"

Mr Guy em


I'd say this is not an appropriate interview question. Topics of health that do not directly related to job performance are not appropriate and should be avoided. Please move on to the next question.

Sam em



Sigiloso em

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