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Charles Schwab
Pergunta feita para Junior Database Developer...12 de março de 2015

Do you need sponsorship for this position?

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CMSS Private Limited

1.find second max salary hint using count

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SELECT max(salary) FROM emptable WHERE salary < (SELECT max(salary) FROM emptable); Menos

SELECT max(salary) FROM emptable WHERE salary < (SELECT max(salary) FROM emptable); Menos

select max(Emp_Sal) from Employee a where 1 = ( select count(*) from Employee b where b.Emp_Sal > a.Emp_Sal) Menos

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How do java deal with hash collision?

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link them

There's quite an extended back and forth in actual interviews for questions like this, so there's no real replacement for actual practice. The Prepfully Comscore Database Developer experts have actually worked in this role, so they're able to do a propermock, which really puts you through the paces and lets you assess your readiness level. Menos


Remove duplicates from table

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Using Rowid or Having clause

hdfs dfs -rm /table/duplicates

Texas Association of Community Health Centers

How much SQL do you know.

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I answered that I used SQL for adding database data for programming a site.

Tons, over 25 years.

KLAS Research

Do you understand database normalization?

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Bryant Christie

They gave me a sheet of queries to write and tasks to complete in a sample database that they had built including a few "if you have time" questions, and left me to do that on my own for about a half hour before reviewing what I had done.

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I got through all of the basic questions with close attention to detail, but did not get to the extra questions. Menos

Nice that you posted great info on the position and interview, but wondering what the starting salary was? Menos

Chegus Infotech

Tell about OOPS concepts in java

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They are Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism. is key to understanding how Java works. Menos

Explained all the OOPS concepts with example 1) Abstraction 2) Encapsulation 3) Inheritance 4) Polymorphism Menos

AIR Worldwide

Table with a single field with integer value. Write a query to display the field in both ascending and descending order.

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Customerid is one of the integer values

Select * from customers Order by customerid; Similarly, Select*from customers Order by customerid desc; Menos

Zeta Global

How would you deal with a developer who writes bad code?

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I personally would offer advice and point at similar solutions. I would not be confrontational and sort it out at release time if it was really bad. Perhaps I might want to inform my manager but this is down to level of competence. Nobody is ever wrong in my book, it all boils down to experience. Menos

Tell them "You see all those tasks we have outsourced to India? Do you want yours to be as well? Write better code" Writing readable code is essential, writing efficient code even more so. If a developer cannot do that properly, they need a good scare. Menos

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