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Pergunta feita para React Native Software Engineer...7 de agosto de 2018

React code test (home) - create a countdown timer animation 2 days is given

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Javascript code test - fill in the missing part of the code < please create a function call removeDuplicate, and the function would able to remove all duplicate characters from a string, such as turn “aaaabbbccc” to “abc”. 10min is given Menos

Tell me a little about yourself and your background ?

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My name is Vikas Beldar from Pune currently working in Appiza technology.

Recreate a screen from the app using react Native

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I successfully made 60% of the screen in 3 hrs.

Extreme Solution

It was the normal questions for this position

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Create an app which uses airtable api around stocks to display in a screen and move to another screen to get details. Do crud operations, and manage state in redux. Along with that a problem to solve around stocks.

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- there was a ds problem also which I didnt realise till much later ( I was 2 months into programming ). I did manage to solve it, but i did it in like O(n2) i think. I later realised this was a DS problem. I think the interviewer and the team were open enough to believe in someone who was fairly new the development. I was able to get the output, although I made some silly mistakes. I think it was a good problem. Menos

Sysmarche Infotech

Explain High Order Component in brief.

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Higher order components are used for additional functionalities to the existing component and provide additional data input to its related components Menos

Rakuten Kobo

Edit a code to count occurrence of char in string.

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They gave some weird boilerplate code to work with. It was already counting each occurance of every char. bit confusing. Menos


why did you apply for docplanner ?

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I followed my passion, plus your instagram page is amazing

5D Solutions India

How redux Saga helps make asynchronous flow easier and what role does Generators have here ?

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Generators are functions that can be used to start and pause a function whenever required, and we can get multiple return values using yield. In reduxsaga yield is a built in function, which allows use of generator function sequentially. Redux saga has helper function for creating asynchronus actions. Menos


Create an app that records video saves in encrypted format, decrypts and plays via react-native. Timeline not told , but they wanted to wrap it by 1.5 hrs, seriously!?

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Just a learning from experience,for these kind of tasks, better prepare a project architecture beforehand and just add missing pieces on interview time. Never rely on internet they may provide.Take a wifi dongle! Also it's better to go by brute Force approach if there's no clarity provided by interviewers on end time. For ex, first try to finish video recording and saving, think about encryption later. Do it first, them optimize. All the best!! Menos

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