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Reynolds and Reynolds
Pergunta feita para Entry Level IT Systems Engineer...2 de março de 2016

If 6 men can do a piece of work in 14 days, how many men are needed to do the work in 21 days?

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The correct answer is actually 4. It takes one person 84 days to do a piece of work (6 times 14), so it would take 4 men to do it in 21 days. Menos

Challenge that to Reynolds & Reynolds. This was their answer from the answers sheet. Menos

14days / 21days = x men / 6 men x = 4 men

Nexteer Automotive

what has been your greatest engineering achievement so far in your career

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I talked about my senior design project and how to related to this position.

National Security Agency

Explain a time you had to overcome an issue as a team member.

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Explain a specific project, specific problem with a team member or client, and a positive outcome. Such as having to put in extra work outside of the deliverables to compensate for additional work you thought necessary. Menos


What steps would you take to troubleshoot a blue screen?

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Check the cable

General Dynamics

Tell us about your leadership experience.

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I was captain of my track team for two years, a Resident Advisor for the same time, and I tend to fill that role when working in teams if I feel like i am familiar enough with the topic to justify instructing others. Menos


What's the funniest joke/story you have?

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Reading this question

Saab Group

Technical question about my school project.

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I started with how I applied system engineering processes and SysML.

Check Point Software Technologies

What is the port for DNS?

General Motors (GM)

What is your GPA? What school do you go to? Have you had any past internships? At one of your internships what do you think is the biggest thing you gained from it?

Lockheed Martin

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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