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Pergunta feita para Junior Java Developer...10 de janeiro de 2018

attributes of <tr> tag

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please let me know if anyone got Job

36. If you get call then follow this interview experience

How many of you waiting after 3rd round

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Any five html empty tags (last round)

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10 Jan

You got the offer?

No .. dont know result .. My actually final round was not good enough

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question mostly about output prediction of java code

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Was it only for profound students

How many were shortlisted for the next round..??

I have attended third round. That was horrible

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Insight Global

Implement a method to determine whether a string is a palindrome.

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Take a string as function parameter. Copy this str value into a new var, then use .reverse() thereupon. Compare the reversed copy back against original string using turnery operator to set resVariable to "true" : "false". Return resVariable. Menos

(Using .split(""), as well as .join(""))

const palindrome = (str) =&gt; str == str.reversed() palindrome('hello') // false palindrome('eve') // true Menos

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Interactive Brokers

Some questions about Java basics, and some math problems and SQL

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Could you please post the questions or at least topics on which questions were asked? Menos

I have an onsite interview coming up. Could you recollect any questions and any tips would be appreciated. Menos

Teju, Will you please share your experience?

Interactive Brokers

some questions about hashCode, equals method regex question java concurrency: wait, notify, notifyAll() swing component rendering routine(without using UI-delegate)

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can I submit my screen shot????

can you share it?

How many days they will take to tell the status and after screening test what was the next round?? Menos


Write a function to print the first letter of every word in a string.

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public String getFirstLetters(String text) { String firstLetters = ""; text = text.replaceAll("[.,]", ""); // Replace dots, etc (optional) for(String s : text.split(" ")) { firstLetters += s.charAt(0); } return firstLetters; } Menos

let sentence = 'Big Green Dog' let words = sentence.split(' ') =&gt;{ word.split('') console.log(word[0]) }) //output "B" "G" "D" Menos

public static void PrintFirstLetter( String s ){ If ( s.length == 0 ){ return; } String [ ] Words = s.split( “ “ ); for ( String word : Words ) { System.out.println( word.charAt(0)); } } Menos

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InnoEye Technologies

they ask subjective question in screening like what is instanceof in java?

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yes, i knw it but i am not sure about this so i am not going to make any mistake so i simply says idk. andi also suggest you if you dont knw so leave it not try to make it large. Menos

Tell me.. what question ask in skype round

Tell me.. what question ask in skype round

ZE PowerGroup

What is the white space character in the regular expressions in Java?

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Interactive Brokers

All stupid questions which can't be expected to be answered by a junior engineer.

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Release your anger. Tell us he questions.

what sort of questions?

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