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Aryaka Networks
Pergunta feita para Network Monitoring Associate...9 de junho de 2016

tcp and udo difference to explain on board with examples, what is ping,traceroute, 7 layer workings, vlan, subnetting

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Topic they asked me was distance education vs college education, they will check grammar not accent. No matter how strong your technical skills are, they will allow to 2nd round oly if you clear GD. be prepared. Best company as for fresher. I had 4 rounds- gd, face to face ( hr kind), and then 2 technical rounds. one of my friend had another technical round, totally5 rounds. So final point, they need technical strong guys...i mean it. In Interview they will ask you everythin regarding network(do read wan optimization too), check interviews question which i posted. As your ccnp certified it would be piece of cake for you. do drop mail if need any other info. three of my frnds attended that so have clear idea on interview process. all de best Menos

Nope. no sign at all. In another company interview, met another guy who attended interview at aryaka networks on the 3rd june. He told me same answer :D. you better search for another job, i did like that and got selected to another company, don't just wait for that. If you want confirm, u can ask HR through linkedin (if you remember HR name). or paste your mail id il send the HR linkedin link. Menos

did they told you that hr will contact you after 4 rounds or something else , i got interviewed too and they told me that , i need to know ,it will be really helpful for me if you could tell me what they said. thanks Menos

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United Way

Why should we hire you?

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because I have all of the qualifications outlined in your job posting therefore strongly believe that I am a good fit for your Organization and would love the opportunity to become a valued member of your team Menos


Are you willing to work in the province?

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panel interview?

ilang months bago makapag start at my bumabagsak ba sa medical

Denton Independent School District

Did I ever work with childrm

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Yes and I gave her an example

I have been a teacher for 35+ years. I love working with students of all ages. I am certified in Secondary Theater, English, ESL, and Special Education. My mother was a teacher and an art major. So was her mother - art major from SMU. They both taught me art growing up. I simply need to take the test to add it to my credentials. Menos

I am willing to do lunchroom monitoring if need be. Just clarify my responsibilities so I may respond accurately. Menos


Are you currently working?

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I was working but now I’m not working because our company got closed because of COVID-19 thank you Menos

No I’m not

Please look at my resume again.


full form of HTTPs,transaction by atm,online cash transfer system, stock exchanges in india

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Did answer as much i knew.

1.BSE (Bombay stock exchange) 2.NSE (National stock exchange)

Hyper text transfer protocol secure


Tell me about yourself? (Don't join this Company , just waste of career)

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you can apply for ijp after 1 year in automation testing,manal,performance,development anywhere so nt waste of time dont follow this i m working there i know better Menos

What is ijp?

ijp stands for Internal job posting

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD

Have I ever worked for a school district?

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Skyzone Trampoline Park

what do you think is your best quality?

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i said energetic and that i love fun

I Said Positive And Bubbly Personality (Btw I Made Employee Of The Month My First Full Month.. sooo) Menos


How do you handle conflict with your teammates?

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I would also check

keep calm and listen then make your points

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