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I find it to be both a puzzling, fallacious and antiquated notion that a STEM practitioner needs to make a "sales pitch" about themselves. If I was an effective "salesperson", that would be my chosen field of endeavor, seeing that it is far more lucrative than my area of expertise. If during an interview, I am asked about education, accomplishments, problem solving skills, consensus building and professional references, I have a tremendous amount of verifiable evidence that can be provided. However, I am not a "brand" or a "product" to be "sold". My sales pitch is my solid history of deliverables and successful projects. My approach to management, mentorship and inspiring staff members is my "brand". In sum, I have very little respect for persnickety leaders who expect me to "sell" myself. Clearly, they really don't know what their own long term strategic goals are if they are looking for a candidate to "market their brand" rather than an accomplished professional who can help them achieve the goals they have already mapped out. I'm not a salesman and never pretended to be one.

Cal em


If PWC needs to be more modern and creative. That's a very old outdated question.

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Darren - Advisory has a large IT consulting group - that group is growing, not being outsourced.

Advisory Director em


Was this for a US IT Manager position or another line of service? I'm curious because all local US IT staff are being outsourced on 3/1/14.

Darren em


You want to be careful not to shortchange yourself, but in the same token, you have to make a sales pitch about yourself.

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