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Los Angeles Water and Power
Pergunta feita para Environmental Engineering Associate...3 de março de 2015

What was your experience with LID and BMP projects?

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The written exercise is a technical exam meant to test you reading comprehension, writing, public works knowledge, and basic analytical skills. Menos

What was the exam like prior to the second interview? Technical or general questions? Menos


Why do you want to work for stantec?

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I'm really passionate about water and energy and want to innovate to make our water infrastructure more energy efficient Menos


What are your expectations for this job?

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To increase my Environmental Engineering awareness and to obtain as much experience as possible. Menos


What's the salary you expect?

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I answer market rate. They want a number. Then I answer 15 ~ 20. They want an exact number. So I answered 20. Menos

Toyota North America

Why do you want to work at Toyota?

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I've seen the impact a manufacturing facility of this size has on the environment. I want to ensure that impact is positive. Menos

Trinity Consultants

Give 2 biggest weaknesses and 2 biggest strengths about yourself. This question was difficult, because while I had thought about multiple strengths, I had only though about one weakness. Weaknesses are difficult to explain in general because you want to make the weakness sound like a positive, like "sometimes I can stress myself out because I work too hard or long because I want everything to be just right," or some such thing. Definitely plan in advance for this question.

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My weaknesses that I gave were that I tend to be a perfectionist and want to have everything just right and that I sometimes have difficulty thinking quickly on my feet because I prefer to analyze all the possibilities and info before I answer a question. Menos

NYC Department of Environmental Protection

Are you familiar with NYCs water system

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No specifically but stated the main public facts (8.1 million people served etc.) Menos

Hatch Mott MacDonald

Asked a lot about my background and education. Also talked to me about my design projects.

Alabama DEM

Explain a time where you disagreed with your boss. How did you handle it?

Trinity Consultants

What are your 2 strength and weaknesses.

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