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Pergunta feita para Dropbox Rotation Program...25 de outubro de 2014

If you woke up and had 2,000 unread emails and could only answer 300 of them how would you choose which ones to answer?

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The automated pre-filtering I have setup should group the most important ones into key folders and then I just scan through the sender names and subject lines for the most critical ones first. Menos

High importance, then filter by subject and get rid of threads except most recent, filter by sender for VIPs, then oldest to newest Menos

I'd start by getting off of unnecessary mailing lists because no one receives 2000 messages in a day and doesn't receive another 2000 again the next. Menos

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what are your strengths/weaknesses what appeals to you about the career track you are interested in?

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I received an offer today via phone. She gave me a lot of information about the job, salary, location, ect. My official offer will be emailed to me tomorrow. Menos

What is the average salary for the program?

Just as a heads up for everyone, just because you are eligible for the program doesn't guarantee you a job. They only take on 400 A2L's per year, half in February and the other half in July. There are a lot more people accepted into the program, and then they decide from there who gets the jobs based on job and location preferences. I know some people who waited 3+ months after to hear back after receiving the "eligible email". Source: Current A2L Menos

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Bell Canada

How did you prepare your interview? Describe your customer services experience.

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Hi Everyone, I had the same situation. Just got email that application moved to next round. Please stay in touch and share your experience. Thanks Menos

I think I waited for more than 10 days.

I gave the video interview on 30 sept. No response as of yet. Has any of you guys received anything? its a bit frustrating. Menos

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Clinton Health Access Initiative

What CHAI value do you resonate with

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My resonate is the readiness for the CHAI Organization in supporting the Country Government in the prevention, management and the control within the target group using her SRMNCH programs and also working in line with the WHO Global guidelines. Menos

In addition, is the Monitoring sincerity and timely feedback as corrective measures/actions taken where applicable when the CHAI Organization Authority supported NPHCDA Agency on HFs Mentoring and Supervision activities through Abuja CHAI Office while I led the NPHCDA Team with the CHAI Team to Niger, Kaduna & Enugu States respectively. Menos

1. Collaboration and Partnership with the Country Government in the reduction and control of mortality and morbidity cases through the SRMNCH program and strengthening the work force via capacity building of the HWs making PHC services quality better and stronger. Menos

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Eze Software

Scenario: You have 8 golf balls and 1 is heavier than the 7 others. All you have is a balance used in chemistry classes. What is the shortest number of times you could measure the golf balls to find the heaviest ball?

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2 steps. 1. Put 3 balls on each side of the scale measure( [123], [456] ) If each group of 3 is equal: 2. Place the remaining two balls on the scale - measure( [7], [8] ) If each group of 3 is not equal: assuming [123] is heavier than [456] 2. Take 2 balls from the heavier group from step 1 and place them on the scale. measure( [1], [2] ) If they are equal then [3] is the heaviest Menos

i would say three. you could put 4 balls on each side and then take the heavier side. split that group into two balls on each side. then lastly split that group to have one ball on each side. Menos

i would say three. you could put 4 balls on each side and then take the heavier side. split that group into two balls on each side. then lastly split that group to have one ball on each side. Menos

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what do you think an operations manager deals with in a typical day?

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case study is on a manufacturing issue and you have to talk about what you will do to resolve the problem and mitigate any consequences (think about long term and short term solutions). btw you have a strict limit (max 1.5 pages) so do be concise and write NEATLY (if they cant read they cant assess you) group exercise is you are an airline manufacturer and you have to make a product following specific client demands. but you have constraints (budget etc). so you need to solve the problem and justify your actions. hope this helps. best advise i can give is to relax. they are all so friendly. they have a benchmark which they look for so you need to meet it across all 4 activities (you cant excel in 3 but do poorly in the 4th). be enthusiastic and show real motivation and desire to work there (prep some questions you want to ask them as well). Good luck Menos

Can you give me please more information about the questions you have been asked and written scenario? What do you had to do in the group exercise? Menos

Is you have done your research on who the company is, what they do and who their clients are you'll have no problem. Also what the role involves. Case study is a simple, you get a scenario and are asked what you would do (no need to prepare). Group activity is collectively coming do an agreement and then presenting your findings giving appropriate justification. You need to do well in all activities to get an offer Menos

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Did you have a mentor before

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Yes, named who it was and why I valued his opinions on leadership and other issues. Menos



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suggest 5 ways of improving google maps & gmail ?

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While composing a new mail in gmail, icons related to Formatting Options, Attach Files, Insert Files using Drive, Insert Photo, Insert Link etc links needs to be shown to the user at the bottom of the compose pane. Menos

In Google Maps just like Notifications icon, need to include and update the status of new mails if linked with the gmail account. In gmail need to add a link to Google Maps. Menos

In Google maps, needs to develop an option which would help the user to simply select a place as FROM ADDRESS and select another place as TO ADDRESS, representing GREEN and RED buttons respectively. Route is shown from Green button to Red button, may add options if selected place is not clear, mean that nearest recognized places. Steps: 1) Select the option of SELECT DIRECTIONS 2) Select/Drag/Click GREEN button and place it on the starting address / from address Ex: 10 Kent Ct, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA. 3) Select/drag/Click RED button and place it on the ending address / to address Ex: Princeton Junction at Vaughn Drive. 4) Needs to show the route with available options. Menos

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Tell me about a time when you over committed to an organization and what was the outcome?

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Yes!!!!!!!!!!! I got the call after about 3 weeks! They informed me it takes longer for internal approval! But I'm excited... Sorry about all the previous typos, i promise I'm more competent than it may appear... Are you trying to get in as we'll? ****Quick tip I was informed by recruiter that as an internal candidate you must have VPGM recommendation or they won't even acknowledge application Menos

So do you currently work for the company or an external candidate? Tips?... I would say from the reading I have done. When you are at the hiring event is to be enthusiastic, show energy and act excited about the opportunity. Have some educated questions ready for current students, associate directors etc. depending on when in October you may be questioning me. Lol. However if you made it this far I'm sure you will do great. Glass door gives a lot a great examples of what questions to expect and what candidates was offered etc... So the simple fact you are on this site asking questions, I think you'll be just fine... Good luck! Menos

I start on October 23rd. No I didn't have to go to the event, more than likely because I am an internal candidate Menos

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If we undertake a campaign to contact our 30 day overdue group of customers, what is our overall probability of success given the following probabilities: 50% chance of having their e-mail on file 20% chance of a customer paying their bill without us contacting them 30% chance of a customer reading the e-mail we send them 30% chance of a customer making a payment if they read the e-mail etc.

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Use a decision tree.

^That method won't work because it's possible that there are those on the email list that would respond without an email, so there would be some overlap, which means you can't just add the two together. Easiest way to approach it would be to draw some sort of Venn Diagram Menos

this is likely an applied probability question: My answer is to apply total probability formula here. Menos

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