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    Tayllan Soares, a 2D Motion Designer at Wildlife, has an endless hunger for knowledge. In this article, he tells us how he learns something new every day about what he loves the most - art. Grab a coffee and get to know his incredible journey!

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    In this episode of Overcomers, you will hear from Suellen Mendes, Product Specialist in Player Support at Wildlife, sharing with us about the challenges she faced as a woman in many situations and how Women helped her realize these situations and overcome them. Overcomers is a series of inspiring Wilders stories that have overcome uncomfortable situations related to gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation and achieved success in their careers.

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    New year, new series to watch! Overcomers is a series of stories about Wilders that succeeded in their careers, despite having to face situations in their lives due to their gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. We want to bring awareness to patterns rooted in our society that directly affect some groups of people for who they are, contributing and broaden our vision to help disrupt such patterns. In the first episode, being responsible for setting up our first international office, Guilherme Major, Ireland Country Manager, talks about the importance of discussing LGBTQIA topics to ensure an inclusive space for the world's best talent. Check it out! #LifeIsWild

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    The challenges in creating the Integrity Program were huge, but Sabrina Faleiro, Senior Counsel at Wildlife, nailed it! In a joint effort of Legal, Communication, and People teams, the program reinforces our principles and values, creating a safe space for every Wilder worldwide. Check the five pillars of our Integrity Program on our blog! #LifeIsWild

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    Today #tbt takes us back to 2018, when Art Director André Forni joined us, matching data and creativity to drive innovation. Read the full article to know what he has to say about creating new stories and amazing new characters using data and players' feedbacks! #LifeIsWild

  • Our SRE team is rapidly growing in Dublin, and Marcos Lilljedahl, Principal Infrastructure Engineer at Wildlife, explains our hiring processes and the opportunities we have on the Verify Recruitment podcast, along with the challenges in building for scale in the fast pace we move. Get a coffee and enjoy! #LifeIsWild #WorkAtWildlife

  • Diversity & Inclusion is an important matter for Wildlife, and we're committed to supporting initiatives that help us achieve it. Women++ is an Employee Resource Group made by women from different areas, looking to raise awareness on gender equity within Wildlife. In some programming languages, "++" is known as an operator that increases the value of some variables by 1, so Women++ represents our desire to increase the number of successful women at Wildlife Studios. Know more about our initiatives on our employer branding blog.

  • What makes Wildlife special? Mick Hocking, VP of Game Development, has some thoughts about that. He's been a true ambassador of our values. In our blog, he writes about how we use them to become a better company, and how his experiences bring us a positive impact on our business practices while he heads Wildlife's game studio. Have a good reading and a lovely week! #9YearsBeingWild #LifeIsWild

  • Hoje é dia de notícia boa! Estamos muito orgulhosos em anunciar que nosso valor de mercado atingiu a marca de US$ 3 bilhões depois de uma nova rodada de investimentos! A Vulcan Capital, multibilionária estadunidense conhecida por fazer aportes em empresas criativas e inovadoras, liderou a rodada de US$ 120 milhões investidos na Wildlife, que utilizará o capital para continuar ampliando o crescimento de títulos existentes, acelerar o novo mecanismo de desenvolvimento de jogos e construir a infraestrutura para o futuro dos jogos mobile. Leia a matéria completa da EXAME clicando no link do post.

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    Since March 16th, we've transitioned to a work from home model. We know moving to a completely virtual interview during the quarantine can make you feel uncertain. Still, we are doing everything we can to give you the best experience. We still have open positions, and they are expected to begin as a remote one. We genuinely care for our employees and community, so we understand each person's circumstances may be unique and we'll work with you to explore options. You can count on us!

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