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Pergunta feita para Customer Service Agent, Technical Support...12 de abril de 2012

What is customer service for you

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Serve the customers efficiently to their needs.

Assistance or helped that we proved to the customers.

Assistance or helped that we proved to the customers.

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I have reviewed your resume but would like to ask you to begin by giving me an overview of your education as they relate to this position and why you are interested in this position. Please elaborate on your project listed on your resume. What were your major responsibilities in that ? Did you made the project? If yes then tell what you have done in the project ?

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Greetings for the day, My first job roll in Wipro BPO was to answer customer queries in regards to medical insurance claims and also describe the benefits and eligibility of the health insurance as per the policies the customer is entitled to. My second job involved detection of credit card frauds. Once I find an on going fraudulent activity on a customer's credit card, my responsibility was to cancel and reissue a new card. Next, in Teleminds and Clarus, my job description was to troubleshoot internet and phone issues. Added to troubleshooting, I also helped the new customers set up there phone and internet. Customers in these two organisations were located in Australia. Other than troubleshooting, I also took care of the billing queries and also the logistics requirements of the necessary hardwares required to set up the internet. Lastly, in my present organization Commscope, my work is to take care of the issues raised by the customer via tickets and also answer chats and calls. The prime work is to ensure the licensing on the physical and virtual controllers, switches and access points. Secondary to this, I also need to work on the logistics of any hardware, that needs to be replaced, to keep the internet services uninterrupted for home and business customers. Menos

To being a computer science student I can develop my skills on software

This is the best organisation where I can show case and improve my skills . Have done project on netspan and my role was to develop front end. Menos

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They asked about the city I live in. And they also asked my technical capabilities with Apple software and if I was willing to learn. They also asked about my home environment and if it was suitable for their work.

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Thanks! Interview went great! They called me a hour after to offer me to move on with the process Menos

I'm not sure what that means, but they will contact you to let you know

Okay, so they definitely will let me know than? Did you get an answer automatically? Menos

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Tell about yourself

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Khanlar,Azerbaijan, Engineering having more 30 years experience in the sea and the construction of new vessels Menos

I am Kayode Akintayo from Nigeria with higher national diploma in Electrical engineering with more ten years experience in computer systems Menos

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Are you ready to stand the work pressure ?

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I missed work pressure.


Any other questions. Only pressure

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How would you handle a situation where there is no clear solution to a problem

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Provide the best solution available to you to help alleviate the issue. If you have access to SMEs then get their opinion first. After providing the solution you have on hand, speak to others who are knowledgeable about the topic (SMEs, Vendors, Folks from other appropriate organizations), and research online to find a better more sustainable solution to the problem. Throughout the process be sure to communicate the issue and challenges to the appropriate managers and user community for clarity, feedback, and possible assistance. Menos


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Brinks Home

Past job experience how would u handle difficult customer

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No after face to face interview they waited a day later and contacted me and offered the position where I had to do my paper work at the Dallas location Menos

Oh ok I just had my interview last week was told I would be given a call two days later but it's been about 4 days now ...any advice for me? Menos

It was 2 people that actually interviewed me took turns asking questions

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You work on 60th floor of 100 story building. You walk into your office and find a bomb sitting on your desk. It reads 90 seconds and is counting down. What do you do?

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I would keep calm because it is obviously a fake bomb. Bombs with big countdown displays only happen in the movies. Menos

Pull the nearest fire alarm to get people out of the building as quickly as possible, then get the bomb to a corner and place myself on the opposite side of the floor (or inside a fire escape, which is thicker than drywall) Menos

I will go the top of the building (roof) , which might take maybe 60 seconds (assuming the lift is not too slow), and when 6 seconds are remaining, I will throw it diagonally away (as high as I can and as far from the building as I can) so that it explodes Mid air which significantly reduces the probability of any kind of damage or loss. Menos

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1.) For which Post you are applying? Just say Technical Support Executive, or If you are applying for any Voice Process say applying for a Voice Process, or If applying for a Back-end Process then say for back-end, and If you don't know then say Applying for any suitable opening for me, never say I don't know. 2.) Why did you left the previous organization? and Why do you want to join IBM.

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I left my previous organisation as i am seeking for more career growth to Extend my knowledge horizons also to get a better Salary. Menos

I want to apply for manager post

You should be prepared for this. Don't be much worried about the Interview as they will hire you because they need you even if you are average as many people are leaving the organization these days. Menos


What is Firewall, DNS, DHCP etc

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I have answered fine, now I got call for 2nd round interview.

What are the things asked in written test

It's a network security which prevents the user and system from connecting to unknown Internet Location. Menos

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